Agile app development made affordable

Hire an app developer & get a full agile app development team

Our team's salary is just $495/m and gives you completely in control of your app's development code costs

Pittsburgh app developers working for you in the cloud.

Agile Planning

Hiring an app developer is more complicated than most think. You need to move quickly to stay ahead of your competition. We partner to give you all of the agile app development experts you need to compete with anyone.

You Control Cost

All your app development costs will be controlled by YOU! We have put you in the captain's chair by giving you full transparency, 24/7/365 access to our team of experts that partner with you to develop your app idea into the real thing.

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Testing is an important part of the app development process. You need to test it with a subset of users and react to their feedback, test with your team to make sure everyone is happy, and have development test it to make sure it can handle the rigors of full launch.

Continued Support

We won't just leave when the process is over. Agile app development never ends because users, investors, 3rd parties, and your team all can make decisions that will require updating the app. Not to mention the bugs that could pop up at any time. 

What people are saying about Blast Off Apps...

Very problem-solving oriented


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I feel important, not just a number in a large corporation


I love working with Blast Off Apps. They are very responsive and always there to answer questions.


Gets job done to specification & on time


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