Agile app development can be expensive

 Each piece of functionality will cost you more
& only coders and agile experts know the tricks of the trade
Developing your app on your budget without being a coder is nearly impossible

I have an idea for an app…

but the quotes range in price from $500-$50,000+
Apps are too technical & I just want my app coded
What is keeping me from just getting a reliable quote for my app?
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Agile app development

Blast Off Apps agile development approach allows you to control cost, while our expert tech team builds your app to keep you on par with any competition and your users coming back. Develop with confidence.

Any app, any platform

Whether you need to create an iOS or Android app, make your existing website mobile-friendly, or just need technical support to keep your app running smoothly, Blast Off Apps is here to help.

Get a team of experts

You need multiple leaders to develop your app. From product design, to front end & backend development, as well as testing and business support. Our salary? just $495/m

Affordable agile development

Rather than pay big 6 figures for a Chief Technical Officer (CTO), or hire an unproven freelancer from halfway around the world, Blast Off Apps give you an entire tech department for only $495/month, based in Pittsburgh, PA.
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Our Agile Software Development Services

We are more than a developer, we are a full agile development department with a salary of just $495/m
Product Owner

You will work with development and other domain experts to craft the user stories, prioritize them and basically be the "boss". You are the one responsible for the return of investment and keeping users happy. In our member experience, this is the most suitable role, but Blast Off Apps supplements and coaches you throughout the process. 

 Want to see someone explain it in a great way?

Go here for an unaffiliated video

User Experience

Users Demand the best experience. By learning from experts on our team and your users, you will have an app that drives users to stay on your app for longer and longer periods of time. This user engagement is key to success in the app development field and Blast Off Apps' Mission Command membership offers you everything you need to succeed.

Other Domain Experts

No two apps are alike just like no two users are alike. We will help you by bringing in the domain experts you need. We have a network of help to bring in at a moment's notice and keep your  app ahead of the competition and on top of your users' minds. 

Product design

Avg. US Salary: $76,557

Apps are products and experts know how to engage with your users better than anyone. Your agile product design representative will help by creating your first backlog, giving valuable input based on decades of experience in the industry, and add a Gartner & Forrester certified world leader to your team.

Coding Experts

Avg. US Salary: $84,904

Code can take many different directions, it takes Developers in many disciplines to develop your app or software. Each and every decision could change how much it costs to develop the app and how long, potentially losing users.

SCRUM Master

Average US Salary: $84,718

SCRUM Masters are needed in many disciplines to keep meetings on track and focussed. Your development representative, product design representative, and team lead all contribute by being SCRUM master when your team needs us to

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