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With decades of cumulative experience in product design and communication Blast Off Apps offers clients a great way to sculpt an idea into a viable product concept. Helping to fine-tune an approach using agile development methods, the app you've been dreaming of can be turned into a great business. We also offer an optional startup “workout,” to help ensure your app has what it takes to become a commercial success.

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We develop your mobile app with you at the center. Placing your vision at the forefront and focussing on fitting your needs to the technical requirements.

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Focussing on you

We put you in the center of the development journey. This allows you to have unique control of the process from visuals and UI. We explain our decisions and get your approval on things before moving forward.

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We can help you with any part of your app development. From just having an idea through iterating the app beyond the MVP. We help you learn and understand the process of developing the app

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We focus on your needs and try to tailor our flat rate prices to your individaul needs. We will provide you with a FREE technical plan for your app to be built complete with a very reasonable quote to develop your app into reality.

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We are always here to help. Through the use of information and educational information on our site and all over the web, as well as our customer service team or humans and interactive experiences, we provide you the tools to become more educated in the highly complicated and technical field of mobile app startups.

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