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Most people start by paying $495/m to get the planning and documents started. This gives you 2 hours of development, but more importantly, we meet with you and utilize our areas of expertise to give you our thoughts and help you begin developing the documents that will be controlling your app's evolution. The most important of these is the backlog, which is a living document & with our unique system, the key to your leading the technical team, even if you have no technical knowledge.

Complete Control & Transparency

Using the standard agile app development document, the backlog, we itemize your app's development and give you a complete cost analysis & quote. This living document will always be updated and you will always have full knowledge of what every little piece of your app will cost, how long it will take, and exactly what that would mean for the user. On top of this, our team will leverage our experience to help you avoid pitfalls, find less expensive ways to move forward and much more.  All you do is draw in cutlines and we come up with a month-to-month plan to develop your app and keep it running, without running out of your money.  Don't need as many hours in one month as you did before? Just lower your tier and know exactly what that will do through the backlog's itemization of your app. Need to pause? that's ok, your app's development can continue as soon as you can afford to.

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Development with you involved

We don't just take your specifications and leave you out of development. Agile app development is meant to be on-going and always working to bring a cutting-edge, bug-free experience. With 1 week sprints by default, we can adapt to any time restraint or budget you may have. We keep consulting with you and focus on creating the app in a specific way to give you the ability to control your app's development. Our update process gives you demos, screenshots, and much ore to make sure you are always informed about your app's development.

A Partner that’s always on call

Agile app development is meant to be on-going and always working to bring a cutting-edge, bug-free experience. We work with you to keep the backlog updated, collaborate to find newer and newer ways to grow your app's audience in order to succeed with your app. User's will want things, 3rd parties will update your app that could hurt your app's performance, your team will need to make adjustments, and more mean you need to develop an app continually.

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