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1. See if we are a fit, free

Tell us about your app

Talk with us and see if we are a fit (don't worry our Privacy Policy is an NDA). After getting to know each other, you and our team member will help you spell out the details of your idea in our scope form. This allows us, through industry standard questions, understand your idea and give us the information to generate a general quote for your app. 

Get a general quote

Once we have the idea, our team will prepare a generalized quote for the MVP of the app, as they see it. This will let you see how many hours would be required to do the basic items you are looking for and get insight from them about direction and ways to work around, all experiences you will have as a member of Mission Command.

2. Pick a plan to start

Monthly pricing

With the general quote, you will receive a number of hours required to start the project. Moving forward will lock in that rate for the items quoted and you can begin building your app. More often, however, people spend $495 for the first month (getting 2 hours of development). This allows the team to work together and meet to get a deep understanding of the app needed and it allows you to hear our expert opinions to make truly technically sound, cost saving, predictable decision about your app's evolution. We then are able to decide how quickly your app is built. Once complete, we can stay moving with development or pause and you owe nothing for subsequent months and still own everything.

Get expert help

Agile development is iterative. This is done to help non-technical people and technical people communicate. Getting across details with so many options in code, it is very hard for non-technical and technical people to agree on scope of features and to generally stay on the same page.

Are you getting a wide range of quotes for your project?

This communication issue is at the heart of that phenomenon. In order to not have problems with seeing eye-to-eye and needing to adjust, they must build in a buffer that requires a higher than needed price or have a non-fixed cost model to allow them to adjust at the end of the project (many months later).

3. Tell us what you want to pay to complete the app

You control cost

Once we have created the backlog (a standard document that itemizes your app's features and their granular detail), we work together to make sure every small detail is included and is to your satisfaction. By giving our input, you will find ways to work around issues that could be costly, or ways to test ideas in a more inexpensive manner, saving on the cost to develop your app. Armed with all of this, the backlog is then used to give you complete control over the app's development cost and timeline. 

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