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Agile Ceremonies Series: Roles required

Roles in Agile App Development


There are many stakeholders in any given moment during the life of your app. Depending on what your app needs, there will be users (that is a guarantee), internal requests, 3rd parties that rely on your app, and many more. Basically, a stakeholder is just that, anyone that has a stake in any given development sprint.


Product Owner

US Avg. Salary: $97,875

This person sits between the stakeholders and the team making it come to life. Product, development, testing, QA and other domain experts will report to 

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the Product Owner in order to get their “approval” to develop the requested feature or bug fix. In our system, this is our member. By consulting with the different experts on the team, the product owner will be the final decision on any given development sprint.

The product owner is required to participate in SCRUM meetings. In these meetings, the product owner will get input from product, development, testing, etc… in order to get all available information to make a well informed decision keeping the app’s development cycles moving along quickly to get the features and fixes updated as quickly as possible.

In our membership you will decide how many hours are going to be developed in any given period. You get a backlog that is completely itemized and quoted so you can see exactly what is being developed at any given moment of time along with flat rate hour quotes that never change.


Engineering Lead

US Avg. Salary: $124,875

This team member is pretty obvious. There are many roles in a team, many of which are cross functional meaning it is a delicate web of experts that need to all be on the same page and up to date

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 on the planning and other activities in the agile development cycle. Development, user experience, front end design &  coding, backend design & coding, testing, quality assurance, and many other technical people are required to get the full information a product owner needs. This team is lead by the Engineering Lead. 

While developing the backlog and creating other agile documents, the development team will have input. They will give workarounds that aren’t completely obvious to non-coders, they can give pros and cons on different methods (like cross-platform vs native development for example).

During the development sprints, developers that are involved in the planning need to convey that to the rest of the developments. This also includes partitioning work requirements to meet the Product Owner’s timeline for development of the sprint.

In our membership, you will get weekly updates that will show you exactly what has happened, give you demos, and answer any questions or problems that have come up.

SCRUM Master

US Avg. Salary: $92,619

This will be multiple people throughout the life of your app. This person is responsible for keeping the SCRUM meetings running. Depending on the size of your 

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organization, this could be any number of people. During each meeting, this person must facilitate all of the members, keep them on task and make sure everyone gives commitments and answers for their work. The goal of this person is to keep everything moving smoothly so the team doesn’t get side-tracked and not decide important decisions that need to be made in the meeting.

In our membership & during development, your development representative, or Engineering Lead,  will act on your behalf to make sure your app’s development keeps moving as it should. Through weekly updates that cover agile meetings.


Product & other Domain Experts

US Avg. Salary: Varied

No app is the same. To start the process and throughout the app’s life you will need to make sure your user experience is always getting better and the product is as goodDomain experts Blast Off Apps Mission Command membership

as it possibly can be. Our membership gives you this product expert and they even create your first backlog. From there, you have many experts that may need to come in from time-to-time. There are PR & Marketing experts you may need input from, or you may need an expert on blockchain, or security, or some other need you can’t foresee, but will come up. 

In our membership fee covers all of these experts for $495/m. Our team normally can handle any need you may have, but we do our best to bring in experts in the field if our team feels they could add value. We are always partnered with our members to give them the best app possible so we all succeed.

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