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Agile app development membership: Mission Command

What to Expect From Mission Command...

If you don't have your credentials to log into Mission Command please let us know you'd like them. It is free until you say you want to develop your app!


Welcome to Blast Off Apps, the most innovative service provider in the world for building custom mobile apps.  What’s so innovative is the fact that we’ve found modern ways to streamline projects to save you time and money, even in the face of rising development costs.  


Here’s what makes us different:


We’re the only service provider who undertakes projects -- from initial specification to final delivery and ongoing enhancements -- on a monthly subscription basis of $495.  This allows you to pay-as-you-go for many of the baseline services that others charge a premium for as part of a large lump sum.  This is easier on your budget, and enables you to go as fast or as slow as you wish, allowing time for customer validation, attracting investment, and finding early adopters before you invest heavily.

We’ve embraced a 100% virtual model of working together with our clients -- not just moving a face-to-face process to phone, email and skype, but re-inventing the whole client experience using collaborative tools and Agile processes that just weren’t available before.  We’re operating on a completely different plain of automation to streamline the work.  That way, we can reduce the cost of app development without sacrificing a quality experience for our clients -- not  even one iota. You’ll love the fact that we’re ON all the time.  With the use of Google docs, Slack communication channels, PayPal for subscription billing, Trello for task management, and the addition of Agile development expertise to our team, we’re seizing an unprecedented opportunity to build all of these efficiencies together into something so novel, you’ve never even dreamt about it.  


We call it “Agility as a Service” because it lets you be as Agile as you want to be with a scalable staff and resources.  It’s just like cloud computing services -- where the resources you need are always there, no matter how big you grow, or what changes you make.  It’s a way of working with a development shop in a more natural, pay-as-you-go way.  And you get a support system for entrepreneurs, or extended staff if you’re part of a larger enterprise. You don’t have to build and manage a technical team yourself, you can just reach out to us.


You get the benefit of our experience as entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs.  We’ve been part of startups before, with both failures and successful exits of $40M or more.  We’ve licensed Software as a Service to create recurring revenue streams.  We’ve met with investors and raised capital in seven figures.  We’ve crossed chasms and been rated by Forrester and Gartner analysts as world leaders.  We’ve advised other entrepreneurs in nationally recognized mentorship programs.  And when we weren’t starting something of our own, we were part of larger enterprises, germinating new businesses on the vanguard of technology.  


Blast Off Apps is the vehicle through which we’ve chosen to share with you our skills, knowledge and expertise in order to make your app a resounding success!



Here’s how it works with most clients, and it’s likely to work this way with you, too.  We’re happy to take feedback at any time so we can make this an even more delightful experience for you.


You’ll notice that there are about 9 steps in creating a new app with us, give or take a few:

  1. Introduction and Acclimation
  2. Subscription and Scope
  3. Backlog List of User Stories to Be Developed
  4. Design Information Gathering and Backlog Refinement
  5. Detailed Quote
  6. Project Initiation
  7. Running the Project
  8. Delivery & Acceptance
  9. Iteration


Here’s an outline of what these steps entail...