App idea? What next…


You need to develop the scope of your app and find the core attributes that make your app idea unique. Picking 3-5 core screens and their functionality will help guide your scope of the MVP and this will help you update your way to success

After the idea, what happens next?

Long answer
Minimum Viable Product. This is the very first version of your app that will only test your core value proposition (how you'll make money and be unique from the competition).

What is an MVP?

Long answer
This is a dubious question. Basically, software is never truly "finished". The process is on-going with numerous updates. Make sure you have a good rapport with the team you choose, if you don't you will pay in time and money.

When will the app be finished?

Long answer

It is highly variable, but we are responsive to budget

How much will it cost to develop your app?

Long Answer
We have put together a list of some sources & expert tips to help better define this field for you.

How do I get funded for an idea?

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We are currently teaching a class and giving lectures at West Virginia University & Marshall University with plans to expand soon. On top of this our team of experts are always on call and we use a variety of content to help make developing an app idea into reality more accessible to non-technical people

How is Blast Off Apps educating people?

Long answer

 We can help! We've helped many startups realize their app dreams. App development is a technical, long process. Make sure your mission plan is strong and keeps an eye on the future while addressing needs in the present. 

Don't go through mobile app development alone. We help make sense of the design, testing, code, and all the other technical details non-technical people find difficult. We just give you your app, with your vision, & most importantly on your budget.