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Product + Market Fit = Cha-Ching

The objective of product/market fit is to maximize your business’s ability to gain customers and generate revenue. The worth of your business isn’t strictly the value of its product, or even a multiple of its profit (more about that in […]

I have an app idea Blast Off Apps

I have an idea for an app…Part Deux

There are a lot of options to get your idea off the ground into a business and unfortunately some of them will lead you nowhere.  Even before you choose a business entity, take a check from friends and family, or […]

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What Agile Ceremonies have the most MOJO

All of the Agile ceremonies, or their equivalents, are indispensable to getting a release out the door.  But if someone forced me to choose which ceremony is the most magical, I would have to pick the Sprint Commitment.   Why? […]

Mobile app MVP startup minimum viable product

Minimum VIable Product

Cathy | Mission Control: If you are a sports fan then you know full well an MVP is a most valuable player — he or she is the one who saved the day to win the game. Now in entrepreneurial circles, […]

Working on apps in the cloud

Agile App Development: The Lean Approach – Blast off Apps.

Why has the Agile App Development approach captured so much attention from the software development and entrepreneurial communities?  Here are three basic reasons: By testing, failing, and learning to overcome barriers to success quickly, a Lean approach can help you […]