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I have an idea for an app, is hiring a freelance developer the best approach?

From Quora:

Blast Off Apps , we are a full agile development department for $495/m and give you complete control of your development budgets. Yest that is plural because development is never finished with apps.

So, the reason we are kind of a hybrid is because it is a) way too expensive to hire a developer and b) you won’t get a great app and exactly what you think 99.99% of the time. The reason? Because many people see the same idea many different ways. With code, it becomes even worse. Every single thing in the app, even the Splash screen (loading screen) has functionality. Login? Don’t even try to tease out all the complexity that can bring and differing implementations. Code just gives you so many options, you need to have multiple people in order to keep on budget and keep your timelines in the same ballpark as agile teams (1–2 weeks).

For a quick list of a team that can actually compete, you need a product owner (you in our system), a product designer of some sort, user experience developers and designers that know how to make things work well (you can combine this with the product person if they are superstars) and then you need a developer for security, testing, backend, and others. All of these are different people and different specialities that take years to master.

You need to hire a developer, but one-and-done freelancing just isn’t true (if you want to compete with your idea and not be crushed by agile competition), Don’t take my word for it, Gartner Says Traditional Development Practices Will Fail for Mobile Apps; agile development is essential for mobile app development.

Here is a video I share all the time b/c it shows the Product Owner position well and since that is our members’ position, but it will do you well to see it too so here it is (not from my company)