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The cost of development is directly correlated to the amount of functionality that is in your app. Every screen has functionality. Even just a logo splash screen requires functionality to tell how long it should be on the screen (and other things). Without coders on your team, it is very difficult to get a plan together, let alone know how much it will be to develop the app. 

Through the transparency and control we give our members they set their budgets.

Currently our average member MVP budget is


When you are planning your app, developing and testing it, you will find that you need coders input. We give you a development representative that will give input on the design, quote your app as it goes, and give you all the tools possible to control your costs. In addition to this development representative, we work with agile and development (non-coding)  domain experts to give you education, refine approach, and focus on the most valuable pieces of your idea. This leads to a truly agile development experience and you having a full agile app development department complete with decades of cumulative experience and successes.

After MVP the sprint cycle we aim for as ideal is 1-2 weeks in duration. This is easily done through agile methods and we give you the expertise to build with experience, not just "on your gut". 

The cumulative avg. US national average for the positions we help supplement and train are a combine $300,00+ annually. This is unaffordable for most people starting startups, so we have devised a system to properly compensate the experts while keeping your costs low. Our cloud-based solution provides you with qualified, experienced experts in the domains you need. Our founding team has decades of experience in app development and software development in general.

With successful exits of over $40,000,000, experience building apps from the ground up for startups through billion dollar entities, and many more qualifications, Blast Off Apps gives you a complete, expert development team with a salary of just $495/m ($5,500/year)!

To further help keep costs predictable, we credit 2 hours per month (4 on some occasions). That is a $300 ($600 for 4 hours) value free each month for being a member at $495/m!

Yes! We pride ourselves on giving Agility as a Service to non-coding startups. We work to adhere to the methods and ceremonies of agile, while handling all of the code and technical heavy work. Along with this, we train your team as it grows to implement the methods and never skip a beat.

The one true test of agile development is speed while keeping with high standards. Blast Off Apps aims to develop sprints ever 1-2 weeks. Through our innovative models, you are able to plan what will be in those sprints, if anything, depending on your needs as a business and budget as a person. We understand innovation isn't limited to coders and we give you the tools you need to succeed in the ever-growing app market. 

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