What experts are on an agile development team?

Team Lead

The team lead is in charge of keeping the product getting better by giving everyone everything they need. Answer questions, relaying details, giving input are among the benefits of a team lead on your team.

avg. US Salary of $120,229

SCRUM Masters

SCRUM masters keep all of the agile ceremonies, from planning through development and testing. running smoothly. By dictating work, answering questions and being a taskmaster, our team stands in to make sure the plan we all developed gets executed professionally. 

avg. US salary of $84,756

Product Design

There is art to designing product. Each experience gives you tips & tricks when developing the app. User experience & product design are what make the difference between winners and losers. Leverage our experience with your team to take on any challenge.

avg. US Salary of $76,096


Development will know ways around cost & functionality that non-coders can't. During development they make sure our network of over 4,000 coders gets the app done on time and exactly as we all have envisioned.

avg. US Salary of $100,991

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