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Would you risk the future of your app to a traditional development firm?
Planning involves much more than, "I want to develop an app".  Each piece of functionality costs money, takes time, and can be coded in different ways. Each small decision will change the cost & alter the future of your app. WIthout expert guidance, if you can't code, you don't know all the possibilities.

This is why development quotes are so varied if they aren't based on a partnership and bring experts into the meetings with you. We partner with you to give you insight into all the variables and through the backlog, a standard agile document, give you complete control over each development sprint's cost.

Visual Prototype

Once payment has been made, you get to work on creating a great technically sound mockup of your idea that will be developed in the first stage of development, the Visual Prototype. By focussing on getting any ideas onto "paper", we are able to create a detailed technical plan to get the Visual Prototype coded.

Testing & Support

App development is never truly finished. In order to keep the attention of your users, you will need to react to their feedback, update the code to continue to function with updates to the software your app relies on, and adapt to your changing needs. All of this takes us back to the planning stage. While testing the app during development and dedicating an entire stage to finding all the bugs we can, we limit the unhappiness created from bugs, while tending to all of your app's growing list of needs.