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We are the only firm that offers client facing agile development. Our experts join your team to give you the advice that helps you compete with any competition. With experience from large organizations and numerous startups, your new team of experts will give you valuable team leading, input, and advice to keep your app state-of-the-art.


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We handle the tech

Your new team of experts can help anyone understand the process and be a valuable member of the team. By placing you as the "chief no-sayer", you will have all the information you need to make effective decisions and keep your app ahead of the curve and on top of users' minds.

Agile is Essential

"Traditional [waterfall] development will fail with mobile apps. Agile development is essential for mobile application development" 


Why isn't everyone agile?

Agile development is expensive. Multiple leaders are needed and there is a short supply of coders, team leads, product experts, and the other representatives your app may need. People that aren't tech savvy are therefore left out and relegated to using the waterfall method practiced by virtually every development firm or freelancer.

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Contain Cost

By not relying on lists of features and other artifacts that are often misinterpreted, we don't have to inflate quotes to cover "worst case scenarios" like other firms. By utilizing industry standard techniques, we put that pricing power in your hands and let you control the speed and cost of your app's development.

Blast Off Apps is Unique

We bring a true agile development department to your team. Leadership, experience, and development on-demand, helping keep your app up-to-date, on time, and on a flat budget. Our members are truly part of an agile process that develops their app continuously. Multiple experts are needed and they are supplied free with monthly membership to Blast Off Apps' Mission Command membership.

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I feel important, not just a number in a large corporation


Very problem-solving oriented


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I love working with Blast Off Apps. They are very responsive and always there to answer questions.


Gets job done to specification & on time


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Climb into the Captain’s Chair


Our experience makes a great addition to any team. With our decades of experience in developing apps and other software for startups through billion dollar companies, we bring a wealth of knowledge and the skill to see your app through and around all the pitfalls in app development.

Mission Command Membership

Agile app development made affordable

Why spend thousands of dollars & many months on software and features users don't want?

Our monthly payments & integration with agile documentation gives you complete control of your app's evolution to market leader

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