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Our Mission

Blast Off Apps has one fundamental belief that Adam (CEO and co-Founder) and Cecil (CTO and co-Founder) hold as the core of Blast Off Apps' mission plan, Bring affordable prices, non-technical, friendly, customer support and guidance during the highly technical process of mobile app development and all future cutting edge software fields. 

The vision of a self-directed new economy “based on 0’s and 1’s” (the material software is made of) has been long in the making, where entrepreneurs and business owners, no longer bound by geography or trapped in a dissatisfying career track, can produce great apps the market will pay for, build a case for investment, and forge a virtual management team from a network of individual talent and service providers.   Its time has arrived with the advent of lean and agile methodologies, inventive business models and virtual technical support services such as those Blast Off Apps has to offer.

Adam Paul CEO blast off apps mobile developers Pittsburgh PA

Adam Paul

Co-Founder and CEO of Blast Off Apps. Adam grew up in Wheeling, WV and graduated from WVU in 2014 studying physics. During his senior year of college, he turned to a brand new market that was comparable to "the wild west" in their practices, mobile app development. Wanting to fix the issues that were obvious in that development experience -- namely the difficulty for a novice with a good idea to navigate the high technology and elite processes of app development -- became the mission plan of what is now Blast Off Apps. App development was unaffordable and unfriendly. Regarding the prevailing pricing practices and high wages up to $200+/hr (due to a shortage of mobile app coders, and some greed), Blast Off Apps found a way to lower the barrier to getting apps developed for ordinary businesses. Blast Off Apps has introduced a unique "holistic" pricing model and adopted operational methods that yield prices consistently 60-90% lower than the competition, with the same level of quality and timeliness offered by even the largest firms.
Cecil O'dell blast off apps CTO Pittsburgh,PA

Cecil O'Dell

CTO and co-Founder of Blast Off Apps. Cecil has been coding since he was young and has grown up with the mobile app development field as a coder. Working for NASA debugging the successor to the Hubble telescope and helping children learn to code are among his accomplishments with code. Graduating in 2015 with a broad range of undergraduate degrees (Philosophy, Computer Science, and Physics), Cecil loves to solve problems and took on the challenge the CEO made, make mobile app coding open to the masses. Cecil has been on board the Blast Off Apps ship since the launch in February of 2015. Personally, Cecil feels people should have equal access to mobile apps and all new technology. On top of that, educating more people in code is on the top of his mind. Code opens up such possibilities and can be learned at any age. Pay is high, demand is high, and the barrier to entry should be low. Along with developing the world's greatest apps, educating under served communities of people was a key reason Cecil signed on to help captain the Blast Off Apps ship.
Cathy Lippert, Software design and app business advice. Worked for Oracle, Apple, and many others.

Cathy Lippert

VP of product design
A Consulting VP of Blast Off Apps, Cathy has been defining new software products and bringing them to market since the 1980’s (yes Virginia, even then there were software companies!). She devotes her time now to helping entrepreneurs grow young companies, both as a JumpStart mentor and in her professional practice. Formerly the VP of Product Management and Strategy for two successful startups in the Cleveland area, OnShift and Flashline, exited for over $40,000,000 with multiple startups, and Director of Product Management at Oracle, BEA Systems, Compuware and others, Cathy brings a wealth of software productization and general management experience to a new economy of self-directed tech business.