Mission Command app development membership

Mission Command membership is as easy as 1,2,3

1. See if we are a fit, free

Tell us about your app

Talk with us and see if we are a fit (don't worry our Privacy Policy is an NDA). After getting to know each other, you and our team member will help you spell out the details of your idea in our scope form. This allows us, through industry standard questions, understand your idea and give us the information to generate a general quote for your app. 

Get a general quote

Once we have the idea, our team will prepare a generalized quote for the MVP of the app, as they see it. This will let you see how many hours would be required to do the basic items you are looking for and get insight from them about direction and ways to work around, all experiences you will have as a member of Mission Command.

2. Pick a plan to start

Monthly pricing

We are the only customer facing agile development firm. This means we work on your team and give you all the technical guidance you need, with costs that you control. The industry works on agile, iterative, development. This is where you don't wait for a "big bang release", but you develop early and often and only the things that bring value to your users. This allows for easy monthly payment options for you and your app's development.

Getting a wide range with quotes?

We start by giving you a general quote that will get a good start on your app's development, just like other firms. However, due to our agile practices that involves you through the process, we are able to fit your needs any given month. We can easily develop your app's first version and wait until you want to make updates, but we can work to get an ongoing structure that will always keep your app adding value for your users.

3. Develop as you wish

With our monthly payment structure, you are able to develop at any speed and budget you wish. With our transparent system, you know exactly what any delay in development would mean for your users' experience. Through the agile documents, we are able to easily incorporate any needs as soon as possible and on a known budget!

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