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Membership is as easy as 1,2,3

1. See if we are a fit, free

Tell us about your app

Talk with us and see if we are a fit (don't worry our Privacy Policy is an NDA). After getting to know each other, you and our team member will help you spell out the details of your idea in our scope form. This allows us, through industry standard questions, understand your idea and give us the information to generate a general quote for your app. 

Get a general quote

Once we have the idea, our team will prepare a generalized quote for the MVP of the app, as they see it. This will let you see how many hours would be required to do the basic items you are looking for and get insight from them about direction and ways to work around, all experiences you will have as a member of Mission Command.

2. Pick a plan to start

Monthly pricing

To give you and your team a true agile experience, we charge on a monthly basis. Based on the general quote, our team will recommend a way to move forward and illustrate how fast these recommended levels of membership will get your app developed. You will then decide how many hours you would like to purchase each month to get started. Many of our members start with $495 per month option to get the backlog developed and see exactly how many hours are needed each month to make progress they are comfortable with each month.

Get expert help

The first thing we do in membership is create the backlog which prioritizes your app's development from MVP through every iteration and bug.  This document is standard in agile development and allows you to control your development based on the level of membership you can afford.

You can only afford 80 hours one month and 20 the next? No problem, just draw cutlines, with the help of our experts, and see your app take shape with your changing needs. 

3. Draw cutlines & adjust plan

You control cost

Your backlog will act as your source of control and predictability with your app's development. Since agile development never truly ends, you will be able to draw cutlines that will show you exactly what your development hours are going to change in your app and when. We can move as quickly as needed, even pausing membership to raise money doesn't change your access to your apps code and documents. We partner with our members to give them a true agile development team of experts they need to compete in technology. 

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"Agile development is essential for Mobile application development"


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