Hire an app developer

Hiring an app developer seems to be a simple process.  Perhaps they will go something like this:   I will get a quote from each of these companies and individuals I will accept the one that produces the best Statement […]

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Agile Ceremonies Series: Meetings

Meetings in Agile App Development Development sprints are when the app gets coded. There are different methods to actually code every given piece of functionality (which leads to great variability in app quotes you may have seen). We utilize Feature-Driven […]

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Agile Ceremonies Series: Roles required

Roles in Agile App Development Stakeholders There are many stakeholders in any given moment during the life of your app. Depending on what your app needs, there will be users (that is a guarantee), internal requests, 3rd parties that rely […]

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Agile Ceremonies Series: Backlog Commitment list

Users have many request for features, so do your team members and there are always those pesky bugs that pop up from time to time due to 3rd parties updating their requirements. This leads to a long list of requirements […]

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Product + Market Fit = Cha-Ching

The objective of product/market fit is to maximize your business’s ability to gain customers and generate revenue. The worth of your business isn’t strictly the value of its product, or even a multiple of its profit (more about that in […]

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I have an idea for an app…Part Deux

There are a lot of options to get your idea off the ground into a business and unfortunately some of them will lead you nowhere.  Even before you choose a business entity, take a check from friends and family, or […]

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I have an app idea…but how do I succeed?

If you’ve ever said, “I  have an idea for an app”, you need to know some key reasons you should develop an app and how you can succeed. The app development market is projected to reach $6.3 Trillion by 2021! That […]

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What Agile Ceremonies have the most MOJO

All of the Agile ceremonies, or their equivalents, are indispensable to getting a release out the door.  But if someone forced me to choose which ceremony is the most magical, I would have to pick the Sprint Commitment.   Why? […]

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Our services in a nutshell

Agile app development membership: Mission CommandWhat to Expect From Mission Command… If you don’t have your credentials to log into Mission Command please let us know you’d like them. It is free until you say you want to develop your […]

I have an idea for an app…Quora Answer

Blast Off Apps , we are a full agile development department for $495/m and give you complete control of your development budgets. Yest that is plural because development is never finished with apps. So, the reason we are kind of a hybrid is […]

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Need a quote for your app?

Quotes are guesses, there is no other way to put it. The developer tries to assume how the app will be put together. For example, you want login for your app. With this simple request you are implying many different […]

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Your idea is worthless, but don’t worry…

You’re watching television one night and you see a commercial. As the paid monotony plays out, you start to hear things you’ve talked about before, “I had that idea!” then comes out of your mouth inadvertently. As you watch the […]

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How do teams with coders operate?

How do app startups with coders work? Agile. That is the short answer. Good? Probably not, huh? So, I will explain some of how that works. First the idea for the app. Take Instagram, they realized people wanted to share photos […]

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#DeleteUber Trends, Users still rule in app development

You are CEO of a wildly Popular ride-sharing service with one major competitor. In fact, you are such a leader that people say your company name as a verb. Uber has it all, a multi-billion dollar valuation and the prestigious […]

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Agile Manifests Lean Speed

Agile was a loose collection of techniques used that were immortalized in “The Agile Manifesto” that was written after a summit of software’s leading minds. On February 11-13, 2001, 17 software developers met in the Wasatch mountains of Utah to find […]