Agile development guide: How do I create an app like...

You are welcome to our agile development guide. There is a bunch you need to do. You first need to figure out your target market, people making international calls, people that own dogs, people that snore, etc... This is a good first step. You need to then figure out your competition, what your unique value will be and start developing the app to attack a very specific need that you can get users to use your app over and over for long periods of time. Once you get this answered, you are still just beginning. 

I assume you don’t know programming, so you will need to outsource. The way that normally happens is through a development process called “waterfall”. This is when you go out and find someone (or firm) to develop your app and then launch it, get your user feedback and then go through the process again (along with fix bugs and adjust your business model). The time to get each iteration is thus about 6 months to 1 year for most app's MVP and slightly less for updates. 

The prefered way to develop is agile development and is the industry standard. How does Facebook, Google, or any team with coders work? They develop through agile app development. This method puts you, as the product owner, in the center and gives you all the information you need to make a good, informed decision at all points, even when a bug pops up out of nowhere, which happens enough to plan for it in software development. The time it takes to get each iteration finished with this method is just a few weeks (possibly as quick as a couple days or 1 week). This shows the obvious advantage, let alone the technically sound advice to help find problems before they are even put in the code thanks to developments intimate relationship with the code. 

For more info on the difference, see our blog post on this topic

You DON'T need a technical co-Founder! Agility as a Service - Blast Off Apps

The largest advantage of agile development is that you can tailor the “sprints” or times you are developing (coding) the app to fit your budget. You need programming experience, as you know and we bring that to your team, take advantage of our 5-day free trial to see for yourself what it can be like to have an entire agile development department at your disposal.