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Agile App Development

Most people feel (non-coders) that you give a list of specs or “statement of work” to a developer, get quotes, develop the app, and then you part ways with a perfect app. This is NOT how it works. Agile development was developed with 12 core principles that focus on iterative development, not the “waterfall” approach most non-coders assume is the industry standard way (and only way) to get an app developed.

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Planning your MVP

So you have what you need and a team you trust to implement it. What do you do next? The most important next step is to begin the living document called the backlog and draw some cut-lines. During the very first meeting (before the first Sprint Review meeting), the team sits down to go over what is most important in the app and start to define a rough draft of items they would like to see in the first (MVP) through later sprints.

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