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Finding developers

Finding developers is hard, and a non-coder has almost no chance of landing great engineers. Even large businesses have trouble finding great developers and they know how to vet them and people want to work for them with their high salaries. Freelance sites make it easy to find developers, but are they great? You can take the company’s word for it or look at reviews, but in reality there is no way to vet them as a person that can’t code.

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How do you hire an app developer?

It can be daunting to undertake development as a business that doesn’t have or know any coders and other development experts. A common mistake made is to get a bunch of quotes and get the app they want developed. This makes sense, but according to Gartner, it is going to fail because “agile development is essential for mobile app development”.

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Agility as a Service: Why you don't need a technical co-founder

Mission Command membership offers you a way to completely own the process of developing your app, now and forever. Agile is the app development community's standard method, but costs a bunch because there are multiple roles and experts needed to truly become agile. Blast Off Apps has developed a system to develop apps and other software that puts YOU in command, leaving the technical details to us aka Agility as a Service.

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