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Your idea is worthless, but don't worry

You're watching television one night and you see a commercial. As the paid monotony plays out, you start to hear things you've talked about before, "I had that idea!" then comes out of your mouth inadvertently. As you watch the hypothetical dollars flow to another person's not-so-hypothetical bank account, you lament your lack of action. This is the moment you start thinking about every other idea you have and where the embers for the next great idea you're about to have. This scenario is very common and holds in it the true value of an idea, nothing.

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Agility as a Service: Why you don't need a technical co-founder

Mission Command membership offers you a way to completely own the process of developing your app, now and forever. Agile is the app development community's standard method, but costs a bunch because there are multiple roles and experts needed to truly become agile. Blast Off Apps has developed a system to develop apps and other software that puts YOU in command, leaving the technical details to us aka Agility as a Service.

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