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How much will it cost to develop my app?

When giving a quote, traditional outsourcing firms must pad the estimates on time & price.


Code offers so many options, you must have technical input when planning. By getting a generalized overview of the app, many technical details are left open to interpretation. Even things as small as the splash screen (loading screen) have functionality decisions on timing and content. Login, for another example, implies many things and leaves open to interpretation many options for login such as what fields will be asked for, does this involve a profile of some sort, does the app need to be integrated with Facebook/Twitter/etc... login and if so, what information (if any) is needed from those services to add your customer to the database of users. This is just a sampling of the options and all require code to be written. So, the traditional outsourcing firm will necessarily plan for the "worst case scenario" on price & how long it will take to develop the app.

This is why you must have technical expertise on your team to help with input and advice from experience and knowledge of code and other technical parts of the development. The problem is experience costs and most people don't want to spend over $300,000 in annual salary to the leaders they need to implement agile development.

How do I develop an app if I'm non-technical?

In steps Blast Off Apps & Mission Command membership. Mission Command membership brings you a full team of experts in agile design and development. Through cutting edge techniques combined with years of experience in the field, we give you the technical guidance and input you need, but for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full team.

Just $495/m gets you all the technical experts you need to help your app succeed and all the technical knowledge required to succeed.

Are there other fees?

Development hours are the only other charge, and those are controlled by YOU, not us.

We focus on making your app as inexpensively as possible, but not sacrificing quality. During planning we work to find different implementations and "workarounds" that keep your app's costs under control.

Our quotes itemize the functionality of your app in words you can understand, because you helped write them! With this level of granularity, time-sinks (and therefore expenses) are easily visible allowing you to figure out what pieces are truly worth your development dollars.

Our average MVP cost is $8,100 for iOS or Android

After the large build of your MVP, we work with you to bring new updates on a schedule you can afford. As things change, we stay on top of quoting and integrate the new requests on a predictable schedule. Develop what you need, when you need it, that's the only way to develop your app. 

For example, we have developed complete social sharing app for just under $20,000 for iOS and they are still members iterating on their app's MVP!

We focus on affordability & quality, with you at the controls.

Agile Development is Essential for Mobile Application Development