Mission Objective

 Grant equal access and participation into the development process through easy-to-understand tools and expert help at anyone’s fingertips, no technical knowledge required

Planning table

1. Plug n’ Play iterative Development

Development is hard and always involves talking to non-technical people. If you have a team, but aren’t technical, we can help! If you are a solo-founder, we can help! If you are a company that employs coders, but you struggle to communicate, we can help! Our team has spent the past half decade working through the intricacies of the industry standard development practices, agile development, and the culmination of this is the core team that is needed. We offer these experts in a package or individually. They join your team (for a flat fee) and work through Mercury to keep your processes on par with any other team developing software. Our sprint times are 1 week by default, so no waiting for months to see the development team didn’t do what you expected. Our team make you part of the team and involved in the process so no misunderstandings happen and the app is built in the most professional way possible.

2. Mercury Dashboard

Agile development centers around the backlog. In our platform, Mercury, the Dashboard is the backlog. From planned features that may not get completed, to completed items, your app’s history is presented in an easy to digest way, but includes the specificity and detail required for development to do their job efficiently. By easily adding items and collaborating with the team, your Mercury dashboard becomes the epi-center of your whole app’s life-cycle. You can always chat with your team at Mission Command in the chat box on the dashboard. General conversations and help is dealt with through this process, while more specific comments on items are housed there keeping everyone on the same page and miscommunication risk at a minimum.

3. Automatically create quote (point and click)

The real time and effort in coding is in the functionality, which is, in turn, where the money is. It is very hard to pin down what is needed in an app’s development and that is the exact reason traditional outsourcing methods tend to fail. The development cycle is technical and precise, for the most part. Items need to be “irreducible”, they need to be thought of from many different technical and non-technical angles, and they must leave a clear yes/no to answer when it is or is not complete, respectively. Through a simple click of a few buttons, you can automatically create your own quote. Granted, if you have zero technical acumen, you won’t make a great quote, but you can definitely click around and see what costs what and begin to learn a little more deeply what is really “hard” and what is “easy” in code-speak. We have generalized items that were used in development, so they are actionable and our team is always available on your dashboard for a chat and to help you develop the quote.

More to come…Have ideas? Let us know!

We are user obsessed, so if you are intrigued or want to give us input, feel free to contact us at MissionCommand@blastoffapps.com