Do you have a non-profit that needs an app?

We love working with nonprofits and will give you many benefits

Free Membership at Mission Command for the life of your app

Value: $5,550 per year

15% discount on the already discounted membership engineering hours pricing

Value: Limitless, you will get this 15% off every development sprint!

What do you get?

Free membership ($495/m value)
15% off engineering hours for every sprint in your app's life
Full development experts to keep your app getting users and helping people
Agile leaders with experience developing apps & other software
1-2 week development Sprints to keep your app fresh
Peace of mind knowing your app has technical leaders that know how to succeed

Do you Qualify?

If you are ready to develop, we're your team


You are (or are working with) a non-profit and need an app
You & your organization lack experience in the high-tech coding world
Your app has or will have within a month the money to develop your MVP
Avg. member MVP pricing is $8,100 per operating system