Our membership program allows founders and large corporations to design, development & manage their mobile apps with guided expertise. Through the tried and true methods of the industry standard agile development, Blast Off Apps is able to give your idea or company succeed in an increasingly difficult area to stay ahead, technology. By implementing agile methods into your startup or enterprise, you will be creating an app with the features you need for your particular market offering. We work with you to define your scope, refine your backlog list, develop the app, test the app, react to unexpected errors and bugs, and a host of other benefits designed to keep you in complete control of your budget and development while staying on top of the times and up-to-date with your app.

Below are some examples of our work, but due to the nature of the work and privacy concerned, we are only able to show a select few of our clients' apps

Capsule Consulting Group

CCG iPad appCCG iPad app

Old code was unusable and Blast Off Apps was called in to fix the app. Built from the bottom up in 3 week! 

Key Functionality

Color selection

Graphic Pill with changing color

Graphic Pill with changing text

Image overlay for branding


FastPhoto Movies

mobile app developers Blast Off Apps portfolio for startups Blast Off Apps membership FastPhoto Movies iOS app media player  

A Pittsburgh, PA based entrepreneur needed to update with a mobile app on iOS. 

Featured Functionality

Customized video playback

Upload videos


Pittsburgh app developmentApp developer pittsburghMembership agility as a serviceA large company needed an app to keep track of its employees in war-torn countries. Blast Off Apps worked with their team in an effort to make their solution what they need

Featured Functionality

GPS location

Check-in system

Automated Email

Automated Phone

Access to passport and other documentation

Google translate integration


Blast Off Apps development firmLikeItPosting Blast Off AppsA startup needed a technical team for help. Through membership, they saw our experience and ended up saving over $30,000! Developing in iterative fashion focussed the team on the true value and has seen growth in its early incarnations.

Featured Functionality

Complex Login




Connection system

Grouping connections