We build out-of-this-world apps.


We build


Blast Off Apps is designed to be a lean, fast, and affordable partner, and our unique partnership approach puts you at the center of the process.

Our membership model and no-padding policy provides greater continuity – and better results – than traditional service providers can offer.

By adhering to industry-standards techniques and best practices, we’re able to bring high-quality app development to everyone. We particularly love helping nontechnical or tech-strapped clients actualize big dreams.



We’re an extension of your team. Lead a full crew of Agile experts, matched from our vast network.



We keep your vision front and center. Stay involved and engaged throughout the entire process.



We help you set a course. Choose the best pace for your particular budget and technical skills.



We give you a great experience. Expect quality work and “lean” development cycles.


Start building out-of-this-world apps today.

  • If you’re an individual, allow us to be your team.

  • If you’re a growing team already in production, let us save you time and money by taking big projects off your hands, completing them confidently and expertly.



We empower you to set objectives, cost, and speed, regardless of your level of technical expertise.

  • Our membership formula allows you to develop as quickly or slowly as your budget allows, using our guidance and combined decades of expertise to serve as Ground Control, keeping your project and ideas moving onward and upward.

  • We start by giving you a general quote with rough specs, allowing you to start your development process. Then you’re in command. Since you stay involved throughout the process, any changing needs can be accommodated quickly and with minimal impact to your budget.




Get hours of access to experts. Create and manage a full, realistic backlog. Or, get the consultation and guidance your project needs to get off the ground.

Starting at $495 per month


Using your backlog, allow our network of developers and experts to create your project, with you in charge of the overall mission.

Custom rate; priced per sprint



Your Mission Command membership is almost cleared for takeoff!



Tell us more and get a quote

There’s no cost to start exploring. Using industry-standard questions, we’ll get to know each other while gaining a better understanding of your idea.

Then, we’ll spell out the details for you in our scope form. We take your privacy and IP very seriously, and all conversations are protected by an NDA.

You’ll see how many hours are required to complete your app’s basic features. We’ll also offer direction, cost-effective workarounds, and ways to tailor your project for your specific needs.

Request a quote now.



We offer a wide range of partnership-like options, from consulting to custom-quoted enterprise packages.

We’re experts at figuring out how many hours it’ll take to complete each sprint – a set period of time during which specific tasks must be completed – enabling you to budget and change pace more effectively.

Let us help you know where your project fits.


Develop as YOU wish

Our cyclic, sprint-based payment structure means you can develop at the speed or budget that’s right for you.

Since the system is transparent, you can know exactly how a development delay will impact your user experience. Through the Agile documents, we’re able to easily incorporate your asks as soon as possible – and on a predictable budget.