We empower you to set objectives, cost, and speed, regardless of your level of technical expertise.

  • You start (or we can help) the process by creating a free quote

  • Our platform Mercury is made to be transparent and show you how your software project will be developed, complete withe a general quote

  • Once your dashboard is set up, our team will match you with development teams that we’ve vetted or you can have your development team sign in and create your own team!

  • The full life of your products in one, friendly for the non-coder platform

Launch plan



Create your specs (automatically or with our help), create your sprints, and bring a developer you have found on your own. Mercury offers the ability to see every part of development and injects true agile software development, the industry standard development process to make consistent progress.

Supplement your team

Create everything from Launch Prep and find your own development team from our network of vetted professionals. We will match you with firms and freelancers based on your specs we develop together in the Mercury Platform. During development you’ll have complete transparency and control.